If you only see twenty-seven films this year, try to fit in one of these.

Igor Resurrection :: 10th January 2005

Filmed entirely on location in the Canadian town of Banff, the third Igor film finally continues the story of Igor Goes South. High in the Canadian Rockies, Evil Harry is plotting once again — but all villains need assistance before they can rule the world...

Not Terribly Good Films apologises for any audio track errors that may have crept into the recording.

The Movie

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Igor Episode I: The Adventures of Young Igor Jones :: 20th February 2003

The most ambitious Not Terribly Good Film to date, IE1:TAOYIJ has a snappy title and marvellous stunt choreography. An extended chase sequence also features, and clever and insightful references to the previous Igor film abound. For a generation emotionally scarred by the disappointment of George Lucas' Star Wars prequels, this reignited hope that prequels could be good.

The Movie

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Commentary - mp3 file [1.6mb]

Gain a unique and fascinating insight into several of the minds that brought you this classic film. With input from a director (Andrew Cocker), one of the writers (Andrew Cocker), the star (Andrew Cocker), and the stunt choreographer (Andrew Cocker). Play the mp3 file alongside the movie with the sound turned down.

Outtakes - mpeg 4 file [16.5mb]

Gasp! as Andy performs exciting backflips. Shock! As Jackson gets hit in the head. Check your watch! as you see exclusive footage of an unmade NTGF experience...

Igor Goes South :: Early 2002

The groundbreaking film that alienated many on it's first release due to it's heavy reliance on plot and character motivation. Re-evaluated today as a classic, it demonstrates the acting debut of Andrew Cocker in his most memorable role, and the directorial flair of Jackson Kearney. Rumors of a re-release with special extra features abound, but are most likely rubbish.

The Movie

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