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Andy C: The Journey Continues :: September 2003

The latest explosive instalment of Andy C is finally here. Of course, it suffers from the "It could be better but it's 2am and I really couldn't give shit anymore" factor - but enjoy it all the same.

Also here at NTGF we have decided to ramp up the release schedule. Andy C episodes will be released every 30 seconds!!!

Like you were going to believe anything I said anyway...

"Andy C" and the characters portrayed within it are completely fictitious and any resemblance to actual people is purely coincidental.

Episode 3: "Each Night I dream of Pain"

The Complete Episode | QuickTime [19.9mb] | In one part for your viewing pleasure.

Older Episodes

Episode 1 | Animated GIF [1.66mb] | 141.592

Episode 2 | Quicktime [2.38mb] | To Matt, with Love

Choose Your Own Adventure of King Jackson: Twenty-Four :: 23/07/03

The thrilling and tense continuation of King Jackson's epic adventures. Currently on hiatus.

1:00am - 2:00am

Episode XXI | Gif [291kb]
Episode XX | Gif [197kb]
Episode XIX | Gif [137kb]
Episode XVIII | Gif [236kb]
Episode XVII | Gif [155kb]
Episode XVI | Gif [60kb]
Episode XV | Gif [200kb]
Episode XIV | Gif [160kb]
Episode XIII | Gif [56kb]
Episode XII | QuickTime [6.2mb] or in Windows Media [1mb]

12:00am - 1:00am

Episode XI | Gif [140kb]
Episode X | Gif [90kb]
Episode IX | Jpg [140kb]
Episode VIII | Gif [250kb]
Episode VII | Gif [90kb]
Episode VI | Gif [50kb]
Episode V | QuickTime [9.8mb] or in Windows Media [1.1mb]
Episode IV | Gif [200kb]
Episode III | QuickTime [7.5mb] or in Windows Media [2mb]
Episode II | Gif [430kb]
Episode I | Mpeg [5.2mb] | Wooo! So close to daily it's not funny!
Prologue | Flash [280kb] | The saga begins...

Teaser Trailer | Flash [0.4mb] | This Autumn's biggest attraction.