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What We Did On Our Holidays 2 :: 9th January, 2005

Some time ago, two intrepid members of NTGF travelled deep into the heart of Ireland to bring you this shocking exposé of the staff of a castle in Glin.

Journey with them to this strange land of cows, secret passages, and pizza. Wonder at their British accents and gasp at their lack of respect for long-dead gentry.

The Documentary

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The Canada Files :: 1st November, 2004

When NTGF moved their offices temporarily to Banff, Alberta, the crew had to adjust to a strange land, where people couldn't understand them when they ordered coke, and snowball attacks could come from any direction at any time. This warts-and-all documentary series allows viewers a glimpse into the NTGF crew when they're not making award-winning feature films. Which is pretty much all of the time. And in case you've not picked it, "warts-and-all" means "roughly edited home movie".

This first part chronicles the crew as they climb the awesome Tunnel Mountain. The town of Banff is huddled close to this not-terribly-tall peak, and it was chosen as the site of filming for the as yet unreleased Igor II. Further episodes to follow at a reasonably relaxed pace.

Part 1 — Tunnel Mountain

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How to Ski :: 2nd June, 2004

The second Not Terribly Good Documentary is a handy guide for anyone who wants to ski but can't be bothered leaving their computer, or afford any of the myriad of highly realistic skiing/snowboarding extreme sports computer games. And doesn't expect quality advice. And doesn't actually care.

The Documentary

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What We Did on Our Holidays :: Early 2002

NTGF's first documentary offers a brilliant, awe inspiring look at four water-skiers at the top of their game. Enter the competitive, dangerous and exhilarating world of gliding across water while having your arms ripped from your body.

The Documentary

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