Home of Igor, King Jackson, Mattt the Elephant and Bernard the Brave.

Animated Series

NTGF's animation wing has created many of the internet's most-loved, least-updated cartoon series.

While Andy C and the continuing Adventures of King Jackson are both currently on hiatus, we expect... nah, we can't lie. Check back with us when hell freezes over.

Feature Films

The Igor series finally becomes a trilogy with the release of Igor Resurrection. But is it merely a film, or something more nefarious entirely?

Filming should begin on a new film of some description in the very near future. We ask our fans not to swarm into the filming locations and mess everything up.


NTGF's debut documentary, What We Did on our Holidays, won several awards at the Cannes film festival. Now viewers can see the amazing sequel set in Ireland, entitled... well that title back there, but with a '2' after it.

Currently being released are the various Canada Files, charting NTGF's time in North America and granting viewers an insight into ... something. Maybe.

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