Everything NTGF wants you to know about them... and some even more boring things.

Andrew Cocker :: Animator, Actor, Stunt Choreographer, Director, Writer

Andrew became effectively the first member of Not Terribly Good Films when he created the original ground-breaking 'Adventures of King Jackson' series. As a writer, director, and animator, his most basic tenet of creativity is: “That's nice, but can we fit more Matrix references in somewhere?” He suffered harsh criticism from fandom however when his sequel King Jackson project abandoned its promised 'interactivity' two episodes in.

Andy rose to internet stardom as the lead actor in Igor Goes South, where he put his sensational ability to cackle to extraordinary use. His peculiar yet perfect comedic timing has made him a fixture in NTGF's films - as well as an ability to look serious for long takes.

Acting Credits:

Igor — Igor Goes South, Igor Episode I: The Adventures of Young Igor Jones, Igor Resurrection

Jackson Kearney :: Animator, Actor, Stunt Choreographer, Director, Writer

Jackson's position as a mover and shaker within Not Terribly Good Films came when he directed his masterwork on a shoestring budget in one night - Igor Goes South. Working under near-impossible conditions, with guest actors and lame weaponry thrust upon him at every turn, he produced perhaps the seminal internet film experience of some very small time indeed.

He has since turned his hand to both impersonating Spider-Man (in IE1:TAOYIJ) and animation (Andy C). In the latter, he broke two important watermarks - first spoken dialogue in an animated NTGF feature, and also most spoken dialogue ever in an NTGF feature.

Acting Credits:

Evil Harry the Unclean — Igor Goes South (voice only), Igor Resurrection
Mike — Igor Goes South
Peter Parker — Igor Episode I: The Adventures of Young Igor Jones

Matthew Cocker :: Actor, Stunt Choreographer, Director, Writer

Matthew found out the hard way that villains are the best roles in Hollywood, after having his first lead role completely mutilated in the editing room to focus on his enemy Igor, and suffering the indignity of Paul Saves the Day being rejected as a title in favour of Igor Goes South.

His physical prowess is legendary, and he has been able to put his immense sporting skill and ability to film up his nostrils to use in many NTGF documentaries. His best jumps and tricks of course have an equally legendary tendency to avoid getting filmed. After being absent from the Igor Prequel due to a contract dispute, he returned to the fold for Igor Resurrection.

Acting Credits:

Paul — Igor Goes South, Igor Resurrection

Tom Charman :: Actor, Director, Writer, Webmaster

The often overlooked third star of Igor Goes South, Tom found his niche in NTGF playing bumbling, foolish losers. Ever the fall guy, rarely has a film or documentary gone by without him being thrown to the ground, very roughly. His ability to string two sentences together has also seen him granted many long, boring speeches in various productions. He finally seemed to acquire some kind of recurring character in the most recent Igor film, Igor Resurrection

The director of the mysterious 'lost' Igor sequel, Tom's vision as an auteur remains unfulfilled, as no one will put him in charge of another in case he loses that one, too. He's a wonderful, intelligent guy, but as he's the webmaster, he'll probably alter our comments.

Acting Credits:

Bernard — Igor Goes South
Quentin — Igor Episode I: The Adventures of Young Igor Jones
Gerald — Igor Resurrection